2015 Solomon Awards

The Worship Facilities Solomon Awards recognizes churches and their partners for excellence in facilities design, building expansion or remodeling, operation excellence, innovative use, and technical production.

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All Church Design - Renovation 1 - 800 seats

Church Design - Renovation 1 - 800 seats
Cornerstone Church
By expanding the children’s ministry space at Austin, Minn.-based Cornerstone Church, Vanman Architects was able to provide a larger lobby and wider circulation space for worship. In a neighboring secured bay in the mall, Vanman created additional bathrooms, a nursery, classrooms, and a children’s auditorium.

Church Design - Renovation 1 - 800 seats
Redeemer Presbyterian Church
Redeemer Presbyterian Church repurposed a defunct 1960s YMCA in downtown San Antonio for use as a permanent church home. Using contemporary craftsmanship and a fresh approach to traditional ecclesial forms, Jackson Galloway Associates designed a place of light and natural beauty within the once-darkened concrete structure.

Church Design - Renovation 1 - 800 seats
The Mill Church
50-year-old mill village church finds new life in the hands of McAbee Architects Inc. This 8,000-square-foot renovation project was a total reimagining of the space and results in the backdoor becoming the front door of the church.