2013 Facility Awards

The WFX New Facility Product Awards, presented by Worship Facilities Magazine and Worship Facility Designer were the only awards program recognizing advances in new construction, equipment or maintenance products specific to the house of worship market. The Awards recognized products for their application and benefit to the house of worship market.

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2013 Facility Awards Winners
Gotham Lighting Products from Acuity Brands
Architectural Lighting
Incito, LED downlight
Gotham Incito LED downlights from Acuity Brands offer energy-efficient and reliable downlighting that is ideal for the varying needs of worship facilities. Incito LED downlights combine solid-state efficiency with precise beam spreads, multiple options for light output, and dependable color consistency to handle a wide range of lighting scenarios.

Radius Pipe & Drape 2.0
From Radius Display Products, Pipe & Drape 2.0 is a staging product designed to prolong the life of the pipe and of the drape. It replaces the typical “hook and slot” linkage.

Network Thermostat
Building Automation Product
The NT-BAC/IP BACnet-IP gateway from Network Thermostat is an installation solution for HVAC control and energy management within worship facilities. The NT-BAC/IP connects directly to any one of four powerful Net/X platforms and translates the information to BACnet/IP, adding BAS support for all Net/X thermostats, remote sensors, and programmable relays.

Big Fan Company Products for Worship Spaces
Building System Product
Haiku Ceiling Fan
The Haiku from The Big Fan Company sports Sensorless Drive Technology, which the manufacturer says delivers an 80 percent energy efficiency over conventional ceiling fan motors. The Haiku also features ten different settings, including the proprietary “Whoosh” mode, a feature that employs an algorithm simulating variations of natural breezes.

T6 Flex Table Box
Innovative Green Product
The T6 FLEX from FSR is a small, affordable solution that merges a flexible touchscreen control system with an elegant table box. It provides churches varying sizes fingertip control over nearly every aspect of the sanctuary.