2015 Solomon Awards

The Worship Facilities Solomon Awards recognizes churches and their partners for excellence in facilities design, building expansion or remodeling, operation excellence, innovative use, and technical production.

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2015 Solomon Awards Winners
Church Architect
CrossPointe Church
The new, 44,000-square-foot CrossPointe Church is an inspirational model of symbolism, community, and grace. The church provides expanded youth facilities for its growing young community, a welcoming gathering space with a dramatic two-story wall of windows, and an innovative design reflecting the symbolism of the church’s spiritual mission.

Church Building Contractor 1 - 800 seats
North Coast Calvary Chapel
Grant General Contractors, working with North Coast Calvary Chapel and Timeless Architecture, created a 17,792-square-foot, authentic Tuscan design Chapel and coffee shop, called the Story Café.

Church Building Contractor 801 or More Seats
CrossPoint Church, Hutchinson Campus
CrossPoint Church needed a new facility. To accommodate its growing congregation, it was holding six live worship services and nine satellite services each weekend. Fuqua Construction searched with church leadership for a larger facility to condense the six Hutchinson services into three. Fuqua directed them to a vacant bowling alley. This was purchased, renovated, and expanded into this spacious worship facility.

Church Construction Management - New Project
Good Shepherd Episcopal
The Good Shepherd Episcopal School and Parish Life Center achieved a doubling of classroom space, a new structured parking area hidden below a new playscape, a commercial kitchen, updated security, audio video and the home of the congregation during the final phase of work. Truly, a transformational change!

Church Design - Expansion
Bay Area Community Church
The Bay Area Community Church Chapel Addition blends traditional and contemporary design elements to connect multiple generations and serve as a model of the shift in modern church design. The Chapel design reflects the unique and creative culture of the church which strives to reach people in an authentic way.

Church Design - New Project - 1 to 800 Seats
New Hope Community Church
New Hope Community Church has a strong ministry vision, and its facility provides a tool that supports that vision. As the “untypical church for typical people,” the design is clear, simple, and impactful. It is a community center where people meet, grow, and dream together.

Church Design - New Project - 801 or more Seats
Joyful Church
Joyful Church’s desire for a fresh vision of Christian architecture, led to their selection of Beck to design a new campus. Central to this vision was a design that expressed a strong symbolic Christian message, but that also incorporated traditional Korean symbols in a fusion of architecture, faith and culture.

Church Design - Renovation 1 - 800 seats
The Mill Church
50-year-old mill village church finds new life in the hands of McAbee Architects Inc. This 8,000-square-foot renovation project was a total reimagining of the space and results in the backdoor becoming the front door of the church.

Church Design - Renovation 2001 or More Seats
First Baptist Orlando
We took and 30 year old very tired Worship Center and transformed it into an up to date vibrant technologically powerful Worship Center. Thank you for the opportunity to submit this project!

Church Design - Renovation 801 - 2000 seats
Red Rocks Church
Red Rocks needed an adaptive reuse of its new Lakewood facility in order to create space for their worship center, café, children’s ministry, and offices. Visioneering utilized much of the existing bones to create an environment in which the spatial storytelling is refreshingly relevant.

Church Special Project or Initiative
Cherry Hills Community Church
“Multi-use, multi-functional” was the idea behind Cherry Hills Community Church’s gym conversion project. As the fastest growing church in 2014, and a growing private school, their gym needed to become A LOT more—a youth worship center, cafeteria, and theatre for starters. Mankin Media Systems helped make that happen.

Church Technical Contractor or Consultant
St. Luke’s United Methodist Church
SLR International Corp. was chosen as the AV and acoustical consultant on a historic sanctuary renovation project. Along with a host of acoustical design improvements, SLR provided St. Luke’s United Methodist Church with more microphone inputs, a new digital backbone for audio and broadcast video, an induction loop, and a completely new 3D-modeled audio system.

Church Technical Production
Fellowship of Montgomery
Fellowship of Montgomery is a rapidly growing, non-denominational ministry located approximately 40 miles northwest of Houston, Texas. Blessed with a new 650-seat sanctuary, the church turned next to fitting it with modern AVL systems.

Design and Installation of a Church Audio Video and Lighting System 1 - 800 seats
Matthews UMC
In just two hours each Sunday, Matthews UMC turns a functional gymnasium into a state-of-the-art 450-seat performance space, thanks to an advanced AVL design by All Pro Sound.

Design and Installation of a Church Audio Video and Lighting System 2001 or More Seats
Willow Creek Community Church
By upgrading its video system from SD to HD, Willow Creek Community Church was able host in-house its largest annual event without need for any rented production trucks. The new video technology provided each attendee of this year’s Global Leadership Summit with a “front row” experience.

Design and Installation of a Church Audio Video and Lighting System 801 - 2000 seats
Clinton Frame Mennonite Church
When Clinton Frame Mennonite Church moved into a larger worship auditorium, members found they had compromised acoustical support for the singing that had been central to their worship experience. When physical remedies to the acoustics proved too expensive, a Meyer Sound Constellation acoustic system was installed to provide a flexible, affordable, and effective solution.