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LIVE Design Group is and architecture and interior design firm for growing organizations that want to maximize their resources, and desire a building that reflects them – not their architect. We put the creative freedom back in your hands and expedite the design process.

We are committed to your vision, your purpose, and to let stewardship drive decisions. We don’t design in the dark. Instead, we make room for input by making everyone a contributor, expanding your options, finding results faster and never settling on assumed solutions or past concepts.

Offering Master Planning, Architectural and Interior Design services for churches across the U.S., our LIVE approach efficiently and positively impacts your building project at every level. That’s the proven difference. 

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Solomon Awards Shoreline Church

Since 1979, the Nightown club entertained young adults, including Eric and Darlene Partin. Now as pastors of Shoreline Church, their dream was to turn Nightown into a place that changes people's perception of church. Teaming with LIVE Design Group, their dream became a reality.

Church Facilities: How To Be Accessible

Accessibility for churches can get complicated fast. Here are seven things you might not know about making it easy to participate.

What Is A Virtual Live Design Process for Church Facilities?

At WFX 2016 Louisville, Kentucky with Live Design Group's, Aubrey Garrison who demonstrates their Live Design Process for church facilities.

Community of Faith

Community of Faith wanted to design an expandable worship center to accommodate future growth, but their architect wasn't listening. That's when they turned to LIVE Design Group.

What Is An Immersive Live Process for Church Design?

Church and its buildings have certainly changed, so why hasn't the church design process?

From Vision to Reality: 13 Successful Church Facilities

When considering a church building project or renovation, the process – starting with a vision and making it a reality - is critical to its success!

Expandable Sanctuary: Built for Today with Room To Grow

With their feet in the present and their eyes on the future, one church creates a plan for a worship center designed for both present and future ministry with its expandable sanctuary space.

Juxtaposition of Design: Perfectly Modern Chapel and A Truly Inspired Historic Restoration

As the Church we are wonderfully diverse. Take a look at two completely different facility designs. One restoration of a faded building, brought back to shine again for its community, and another crafted by using the latest in design elements for a perfectly modern chapel to serve the Bay Area.

Harvest at the Rex

Harvest Church selected LIVE Design Group to design a concept of their vision for occupying the historic REX Theatre in Pensacola, Florida. Then with a Kingdom focus, the firm put the church’s goals first, and helped select a local architect to complete the project.

Innovative LIVE Design Process: Defining Church DNA

LIVE Design Group has a long history of successful church projects and many amazing stories about how God has revealed His plan for each church.