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Columbia, Maryland 21046
United States of America

Phone: 410-290-9680

Waldon Studio Architects [WSA] designs spaces that have a purposeful intention and foster better environments in which to live, work, play and worship.  We do this with a strong focus on creative thinking in connection and collaboration with our clients. Community centers, businesses, churches, schools and government agencies all have their own distinctive communities and cultures. The architects of WSA embrace these singular visions and design facilities that will enhance the community life of the people who will use them.

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Creating Community Around Tables

Four churches who are redefining hospitality through café space implement cafés that vary wildly based on mission and context.

Ragamuffins Coffee House

Ragamuffins Coffee House was started by Redemption Community Church. The coffeehouse operates as a business during the week and the church uses the building on Sundays for worship.

Juxtaposition of Design: Perfectly Modern Chapel and A Truly Inspired Historic Restoration

As the Church we are wonderfully diverse. Take a look at two completely different facility designs. One restoration of a faded building, brought back to shine again for its community, and another crafted by using the latest in design elements for a perfectly modern chapel to serve the Bay Area.

Bay Area Community Church

The Bay Area Community Church Chapel Addition blends traditional and contemporary design elements to connect multiple generations and serve as a model of the shift in modern church design. The Chapel design reflects the unique and creative culture of the church which strives to reach people in an authentic way.