The Light Source

3935 Westinghouse Blvd.
Charlotte, North Carolina 28273
United States of America

Phone: 704-504-8399

Founded in 1984, The Light Source has been a contributor to the lighting industry for over 30 years.  The Light Source designs and manufactures quality, innovative products covering a wide spectrum, from energy-efficient LED lights to load-rated clamps and couplers.  The LED product line includes pendant, surface mount, remote driver and recessed fixtures.  Saturated colors, a finely crafted white, plus incredibly smooth dimming are features of these powerful LED fixtures.  Available in white output or as RGBW, the fixtures come with a 10 year guarantee.  Numerous accessories such as the proprietary Div-Con pivoting mount are available as well.  In 1993, The Light Source designed and manufactured the first Mega-Clamp.  In an innovative move for the time, the Mega-Clamp was made of extruded aluminum.  Lighter, yet carrying more load than the old-style cast iron clamp, the Mega-Clamp became the new standard.  From that single beginning, The Light Source now designs and manufactures hundreds of extruded aluminum products.  Clamps, couplers, grid systems, and truss accessories are just a few of the types of products available.  Located in a 63,000 square-foot facility in Charlotte, North Carolina, The Light Source not only produces standard products but will customize projects as well.