Download: 5 Things to Know Before Choosing An Integrator

Before you select an integrator to work on your next church design, here are five questions you need to ask.

WFM Staff  · October 28, 2016

“WE’LL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN!” is a phrase said far too often by churches in reference to AV Integrators. I’m sure we’ve all heard the stories.

  • A church invests thousands, if not millions, into a design and build and the system never really works the way it’s supposed to.
  • An integrator won’t return phone calls to answer a church’s request for assistance.
  • The church is never really educated on how to properly maintain and operate the system.

These can be every church’s nightmare. Well…it doesn’t have to be. Choosing an integrator is a partnership. If you take the time to consider the following, the cream will rise to the top and your choice will be much easier. Here are 5 things that you should consider in the process of choosing an integrator for your next AV project.

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