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Download: Energy Conservation and Management for Churches

Energy conservation and stewardship in the faith based community

Colby May  · May 6, 2015

Downloadable resource for every church can use.

Houses of Worship must change the way they think and operate regarding energy management—it’s essential to good stewardship.  Learn how with this valuable resource.

According to the EPA, we waste up to 30% of the energy we use. Many larger churches spend north of $1,000,000 per year, which would equate to a possible savings of $300,000. This kind of savings makes energy management improvements worth the effort.

Our new downloadable resource entitled, “Energy Conservation & Stewardship for the Church” provides real-world solutions for getting the most out of your energy spending, including:

Conducting an energy audit
Measuring energy usage
Understanding peak demand
Encouraging behavior-based conservation
Making smart lighting decisions

“Let us be wise, responsible, and creative with the energy within our grasp today,
so we can give future generations a better tomorrow.”

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Colby May
Colby May is a Certified Energy Manager, having performed ​o​ver 1,000 energy audits at facilities across the US. ​A graduate of Gordon Conwell​, he has a specific interest in enabling the faith-based community in sustainability and stewardship in order to empower change. Colby​, the CEO of LIT www.consultlit.com​, is also a husband of ​thirteen years and father of ​two​ adventurous sons.
Contact Colby May: colby@consultlit.com ·  View More by Colby May