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Download: Miles McPherson WFX Keynote Presentation, Dallas 2014

The Do Something Church: Mobilizing Your Congregation to Serve Your Community

WFM Staff  · October 23, 2014

Two years into his pro football career, Miles McPherson was battling a drug problem and living an immoral lifestyle. That’s when he gave his life to Jesus Christ, and never looked back. Miles began to work as a Bible teacher, youth pastor and speaker with a track record of appealing to diverse audiences, large and small. Miles loves to call people to think about how God has prepared them to do something significant with their lives. He’s a prolific speaker, one who can talk to anyone –  from prison inmates to senior citizens. He challenges everyone to go out and do something for God!

Miles McPherson is the president of Miles Ahead Ministries and senior pastor of The Rock Church and Academy in San Diego, California. A nationally known speaker, McPherson’s bold, down-to-earth, humorous style has become his trademark. His relevant messages challenge both the young and the young minded and often compel them to recalibrate their lives in light of the Gospel.

Miles is a man radically transformed by God. He is a former defensive back with the San Diego Chargers and has an outreach ministry focused on sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with teens and adults all over the world. His newest book is Do Something! Make Your Life Count. Check out  to find out more about the Do Something World Project and its opportunities.

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