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Download: ROI, Return on Inspiration

Exclusive new research illuminates the Digital Church call for every community of faith.

WFM Staff  · October 20, 2014

Jesus Christ is said to have walked about 3,000 miles during his three-plus years of public ministry. Some estimates based on the Gospels say he walked an average of 20-plus miles per day – preaching, healing and converting. He did not pitch a tent, instruct His disciples to bring Him His subjects, and wait for them to arrive. He went to where His people were (which is to say, everywhere). And His apostles followed His lead, carrying the faith far and wide after His death and resurrection.

Churches have always understood this importance of bringing the word of Christ to the people – as many people as possible. And thanks to the connectivity and mobility of modern technology, the opportunity to be “fishers of men” has never been as plentiful or powerful as it is now. Every church and every pastor can – with mere swipes of the finger – walk a virtual 20 miles (and more) every day, visiting homes and schools and offices to engage in new ways their core congregations, to invite more Christians to join their communities of faith, and to answer the questions of seekers needing spiritual guides.

This is the promise of a “Digital Church.” If you are a pastor, you can reach anyone, anywhere, anytime with a genuine embrace and understanding of today’s technologies. In the corporate world, technology companies often speak in terms of “ROI” – return on investment – when they articulate their products and services. They say their unique tech implementation will cut a client’s costs, increase its productivity or grow its sales.

For churches, though, ROI needs to stand for something more. ROI must mean Return On Inspiration. It can be defined as the dramatic spiritual growth achieved when a church ignites the capabilities of the digital age – particularly video and mobile – to extend its message and meaning far beyond the four walls of the chapel.

“The road leading out beyond the four walls is not the rugged path Jesus walked, but a highspeed digital highway able to carry the Word faster and farther, to so many more of the faithful and those seeking faith,” Piksel Faith vice president of sales Alan Riley said. “And with the right digital strategy in place, this highway goes both ways, leading people back to the sanctuary within the church’s four walls.”

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