Download: Sanctuary Profile: Visionary Retrofit

Lake Hills Church in Austin reinvents their existing worship center to create a visually and audibly articulate space designed to serve.

WFM Staff  · August 17, 2016

Lake Hills Church in Austin, Texas, had an exploding student ministry in addition to a growing congregation. As church leaders began to examine some different options to tackle this issue, they wisely enlisted the help of Michael Woodard early in the process. Woodard, a member of the congregation since 2008, fully grasped the church culture and vision, combined with his general contracting skills, made him a great fit for the project.

Time, cost and space considerations pointed Lake Hills Church leadership toward the ambitious plan to convert the church’s worship center into a multi-functional space. The redesigned room would not only serve as an auditorium on Sunday mornings, but it would also operate as a youth meeting space for student services and other events. This retrofit would cost significantly less than a newly constructed student center, and their plan could be implemented in a few months, rather than more than a year.

Woodard and Lake Hills sought the expertise of Skylark Audio Video, LLC, out of Oklahoma City to help develop the perfect audio, video and lighting experience for the new multi-functional worship space.

Download this whitepaper to see how Skylark worked with Lake Hills to develop the multi-purpose room’s AVL experience.

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