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Download: Worship Facilities Magazine, September-October 2015

Alison Istnick  · October 28, 2015

Inspired Expansion
Carefully crafted master plan reveals an affordable means to multiply ministry now and for future generations.

Focus on Church Construction
The results of Worship Facilities Building and Construction Survey reveals insights gathered from the trenches.

New Level of Visual Clarity
A church’s vision employs the latest in technology to bring people into a very real and up-close expe-rience with God.

Church in Transition
Brilliant sanctuary and AVL redesign elevate a performance-minded traditional church and choir.

Online Streaming or Satellite Broadcast?
Know the pros and cons behind content delivery options as church multi-site trends continue to gain favor.

Focus on Church Construction Projects
Results of Worship Facilities Survey Reveals insights from the trenches of ministries who have gone before.

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