Download: House of Worship Source for Weekly Video Announcements

Pro-nounce® provides quality, HD video production to churches. We help you communicate your announcements to your attendees. Backed by our years of experience in video production and editing, you can rest assured your message will be communicated through clear, concise, and high-quality video.

Pro-nounce® delivers clear, concise video announcements for churches internationally and across the country, using our many years of experience in video production and editing. Simply give us your information on Monday, and on Thursday your announcements are ready for you to use. Simple as that.

Here’s how it works:

On Monday - We Write the Script: Simply log in to My Pro-nounce® and fill out your weekly video announcement form. This form enables you to submit your event details to our team so that we can produce your announcement exactly like you want it. On Monday evening, our talented writers craft a custom script for your church, ready to go for Tuesday.

On Tuesday - We Shoot the Video: We record your video announcements in HD from our state-of-the-art recording studio in Nashville, Tennessee, using one of our experienced actors.

On Wednesday -We Edit the Video: We edit your video announcements, adding any graphics and/or videos you may have provided.

On Thursday - We Send it To You: We deliver your announcements electronically to you. The announcements are yours to use as you please: weekend services, web, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Are you ready to give Pro-nounce® a shot? Click here to be connected to a representative from Pro-nounce® today! .