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Jeremy Mika · April 17, 2018
Despite obstacles in the aftermath of hurricane Matthew, a North Carolina church incorporates a beautiful renovation.

Jeremy Mika · June 04, 2017
But is it the best path to travel for your church? Streaming your church service, whether it is via audio/video podcast or live video stream is a serious undertaking. And streaming with excellence requires answering some tough questions up front.

Jeremy Mika · April 06, 2017
Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt turn to Green Star Energy Solutions and Fujitsu to retrofit historic convent with ultra-efficient heating and cooling system.

Jeremy Mika · March 02, 2017
According to the ECCU, churches spend 82 percent of their yearly fiscal budget on administrative and maintenance costs which include personnel, facility maintenance and administration.

Jeremy Mika · August 19, 2016
Christian Community Church, better known as Yellow Box, uses intelligent ventilation to keep it's membership alert and engaged.

Jeremy Mika · July 21, 2016
When church attendance begins to slide in the summer months, what can be done to help churchgoers stay connected to Christ? It starts with focus from ministry leaders. If the church prayerfully plans to be an effective ambassador of Christ in the summer, I believe that God will honor that. Let’s use the summer to reinvigorate the church rather than letting it slide into mediocrity.

Jeremy Mika · April 12, 2016
Smart technology that can change the architecture of a sound system making a good audio mix more accessible to the less experienced sound tech.

Jeremy Mika · March 31, 2016
With their feet in the present and their eyes on the future, one church creates a plan for a worship center designed for both present and future ministry with its expandable sanctuary space.

Jeremy Mika · March 23, 2016
Are our facilities today discipleship friendly? If not, we may be guilty of trading the great for the good.

Jeremy Mika · January 04, 2016
For one church, opting against sanctuary expansion and instead deciding to create a new multi-purpose lobby has fostered real growth --- with authentic personal connections and flourishing relationships.

Jeremy Mika · December 17, 2015
A volunteer-friendly and budgeted-conscious AVL design smooths the learning curve for a successful launch of the Next Gen Discipleship Center for area youths.

Jeremy Mika · December 17, 2015
Here are three of the hottest products out there to provide easy and excellent streaming video.

Jeremy Mika · October 13, 2015
Pros and Cons of Two Popular Content Delivery Options

Jeremy Mika · September 22, 2015
This North Carolina church is about building legacies - by attracting the next generation thru their doors. Read the thoughts behind their vision, the making of a discipleship facility and what leadership would do differently.

Jeremy Mika · August 25, 2015
Lighting at its best can paint your stage with amazing detail and immerse your congregation in the moment. Take a look at some of the latest lighting options available for houses of worship.