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Martin Sinderman · April 13, 2017
For churches large and small, providing safety and security for their children’s ministry participants is a major area of concern these days.

Martin Sinderman · February 10, 2017
For growing houses of worship a capital budget is a necessity, and forecasting expenditures is a matter of asking the right questions.

Martin Sinderman · February 02, 2017
Our author finds products that can offer a better way to make your church more secure, comfortable, and economical to operate.

Martin Sinderman · December 08, 2016
There has never been more variety than today when it comes to seating and furnishings for both worship and non-worship spaces within a church facility.

Martin Sinderman · November 07, 2016
Before you pick up the phone to talk with a capital campaign specialist, it pays to do some research first.

Martin Sinderman · September 23, 2016
Energy consumption is the second-largest cost item in most organizational budgets, including those of churches. Here's why getting that energy audit scheduled will set you on a path of lowering costs now, and in the long run.

Martin Sinderman · September 20, 2016
Create the open and welcoming experience you want people to have in your church by employing clear and compelling interior signage.

Martin Sinderman · September 06, 2016
If your church is considering renting its facilities to outside groups, then learn from these churches experienced with the business of event hosting.

Martin Sinderman · June 27, 2016
Use your church more than two days a week? Chances are you need facilities management software.

Martin Sinderman · June 01, 2016
Energy costs – dollars spent on cooling, lighting and operating a facility – are often the largest line item for list of church expenses.

Martin Sinderman · March 10, 2016
Today’s video surveillance systems can employ security measures without forgoing a house of worship’s welcoming presence.

Martin Sinderman · January 19, 2016
As our population of hearing impaired men and women continues to grow, providing assistive listening devices at church is essential.

Martin Sinderman · December 17, 2015
Pews, stadium, auditorium, theater, stackable, fixed, flexible – what kind of seating is best for your church?

Martin Sinderman · October 13, 2015
A community’s prominent new sanctuary maintains intimacy and lifts worship to new heights using the best in today’s AVL.

Martin Sinderman · September 08, 2015
Could facial recognition software be coming to a church near you?