WFM Staff · March 16, 2017
The six-story tall glass-enclosed entrance, looming over the entire church complex, commands presence along the freeway and in nearby neighborhoods, and greets congregants and visitors alike to this multi-building campus in a booming part of the metropolitan Houston region.

WFM Staff · February 15, 2017
StudioCraftDetroit & Ward Church collaborate to create the RēNū Coffee Shop - part of the church's open door initiative, to create an inviting gathering spot for the community to experience a comfortable, warm and engaging environment.

WFM Staff · February 09, 2017
The new worship center for a congregation of the Redeemed Christian Church of God serves the Nigerian immigrant community west of Houston. Through modern technology and state-of-the-art facilities this Christian body is now able to spread their Christian message in a new community-centric building.

WFM Staff · February 02, 2017
Studio Four Design successfully helped Northstar church to expand their ministry by transforming an existing traditional church structure into a new facility.

WFM Staff · January 26, 2017
When Grace Place's founder began dreaming about a new facility, he wanted to design a gathering place that could be utilized by everyone, not just those who belong to the faith-based community.

WFM Staff · December 20, 2016
Berean needed a refresh and reuse of their existing Burnsville facility, to create space for a quality connections cafe and secure, vibrant and relevant education spaces for their Berean Kids Ministry.

M Wagner · November 08, 2016
Best New Products of 2016 - A look at the newest and most innovative products for churches.

WFM Staff · October 01, 2016
A two story former office building with 15ft ceiling trim height is not normally considered an ideal skeleton for a modern worship environment. However, innovative design and intentional execution by the Mankin team results in one of the most unique and engaging worship environments in the United States.

WFM Staff · October 01, 2016
Rock Valley Christian Church, a warm, Murrieta, CA, country church renovates it worship center, AVL and fellowship space to match the vision of an old-barn feel with reclaimed wood, rusted corrugated metal accents and warm neutrals. It now reflects the personality of it's town and congregation with an industrial touch.

WFM Staff · October 01, 2016
Mankin Media Systems transformed a mixed use space into an intentional worship environment for North Atlanta Church of Christ, leveraging the church's core values and utilizing high quality tools that have maximum return on investment.

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