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Alison Istnick · December 18, 2017
The Solomon Awards saw more than 60 nominations. From those submissions we showcase a stunning array of sanctuaries bathed in color and designed to usher their occupants into worship.

WFM Staff · December 15, 2017
A major reconstruction and addition of a classic 1960's synagogue ushers in the 21st Century with grace and functionality. The new, grand central rotunda and chapel are the project's centerpieces.

Jim Kumorek · December 14, 2017
Video cameras well suited to capture your church services.

Jim Kumorek · December 14, 2017
How LED video wall technology can enable vibrant video for any sanctuary.

Alison Istnick · December 13, 2017
Constructing a new balcony within a former industrial building will accommodate more attendees, but required LCM to consider a strategic approach when expanding their sound system.

Jim Kumorek · December 12, 2017
As churches grow into more advanced lighting capabilities, it’s not uncommon for them to consider adding a little haze to their room. Here's what you need to be aware of before adding this effect to your venue.

Timothy J. Fancher · December 12, 2017
Gone are the days of arguing about whether a church needs security. The debates now center on how to create, implement and maintain proper church security.

Alison Istnick · December 11, 2017
Mimic the warm glow output of traditional Tungsten halogen lights while surpassing them in output and efficiency.

By Dr. Thomas McElheny · December 11, 2017
Learn about tying facilities planning to church plant growth phases and creating opportunity with the use of sound contingency planning.

December 08, 2017
Worship Facilities and Worship Tech Director Media Kit