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Mark MacDonald · April 24, 2018
You want people to read your emails. They're important! Follow these six tips to capture your audience's attention.

By Gary Zandstra · April 24, 2018
Constructing or renovating a worship facility can and should be a joyful time. So, what are the right things to do which will help bring joy - or at least keep the peace - during a building project?

By Chris Martin · April 23, 2018
Creating native video content without the right understanding of these basic principles can lead to a waste of your money, time and effort.

WFM Staff · April 19, 2018
Topping the list of "must haves" at Grace Point Church included coverage precision, intelligibility and easy rigging.

Jeremy Mika · April 17, 2018
Despite obstacles in the aftermath of hurricane Matthew, a North Carolina church incorporates a beautiful renovation.

By Gary Zandstra · April 17, 2018
In many ways Churches are very unique buildings and they need to be designed to meet a myriad of functions. Take a fresh look at your building, or an eyes-wide-open view of one that you are planning. Will it inspire or meet at mediocrity?

Gary Zandstra · April 17, 2018
Both form and function need to be equal partners - often at great tension with each other- that need to be brought together harmoniously to create great design.

By Cathy Hutchison · April 16, 2018
Four churches who are redefining hospitality through café space implement cafés that vary wildly based on mission and context.

WFM Staff · April 16, 2018
Although the Bali church building itself is relatively simple in its structure, it quickly engages visitors with help from its immersive and colorful lighting.

Mark MacDonald · April 16, 2018
If you don’t have a lot of followers, don’t have a lot of post likes, and certainly don’t get a lot of post shares, then maybe, just maybe you have these 3 problems.