Rachel Dawn Hayes · June 22, 2016
As salt and light among church facilities, North Coast Calvary Chapel takes a timeless Tuscan approach.

Rachel Dawn Hayes · February 15, 2016
An untypical church in Cambridge, Minn., constructs a facility to match its service minded roots and modern day community.

WFM Staff · January 14, 2016
First United Methodist Church of Blueridge, Texas, builds a 10,250 square foot facility using traditional wood framed permanent modular construction.

WFM Staff · October 05, 2015
Pathway Church needed to turn their dull, lifeless, PA system into something lively and spectacular — without any downtime. Mankin Media Systems met the challenge with a complete PA system overhaul in less than one week.

WFM Staff · October 05, 2015
Harvester Christian Church needed a dynamic and larger worship center to replace its existing Sprung structure. Visioneering Studios Inc. helped Harvester create a world-class, 1,200-seat venue that will serve as the hub for future campus renovations and expansion as they help people on their journey of faith.

WFM Staff · October 05, 2015
CrossPoint Church needed a new facility. To accommodate its growing congregation, it was holding six live worship services and nine satellite services each weekend. Fuqua Construction searched with church leadership for a larger facility to condense the six Hutchinson services into three. Fuqua directed them to a vacant bowling alley. This was purchased, renovated, and expanded into this spacious worship facility.

By Lauren Campbell · June 08, 2015
Willow Creek Church, located in South Barrington, IL, is home to 20,000 people. For over 35 years, it has served its community before needing an audio networking upgrade. The upgrade includes a Dante backbone and helps enhance the worship experience for its services.

By Lauren Campbell · May 26, 2015
Despite the new chapel being small, it still needed to deliver big sound for the 550 attendees each week.

Jeremy Mika · March 26, 2015
A unique "theater church plant" reflects on its transient beginnings as it settles into its new home.

Jim Kumorek · December 12, 2014
Asbury UMC in Tulsa, OK met AE Global Media at WFX, and worked together to create the world's largest environmental projection system in a church.