Safety & Security

WFM Staff · May 15, 2018
Whether you're a pastor of a church or a facilities manager, the congregation looks to you to protect their church. You work with the board and an insurance specialist to design an insurance program that helps reach that goal. However, most insurance policies covering your buildings and contents don’t provide coverage for damage by flooding. In fact, flood is specifically excluded in most insurance contracts. So, what do you do?

By Adam Weber · December 15, 2015
Considering a whopping 91 percent of smartphone owners are rarely an arm’s length away from their phones, push messages have a unique ability to communicate with users without being gated by an inbox or screened by a phone number.

By Lauren Campbell · June 11, 2015
When you protect your ministry, you're not just protecting your equipment, you're protecting all of your worshippers. This slideshow will go over the top 5 things you will need in order to make sure your ministry is protected.

Martin Sinderman · February 12, 2015
Having a second set of electronic eyes at your facility can help deter crime and can add another layer of protection to your children's ministry.

WFM Staff · December 09, 2014
Nathan Parr is Facilities Manager of First Baptist Church of Belton, TX.

WFM Staff · October 14, 2014
We're thrilled to be able to provide an enhanced library of resources from WFX 2014 for you this year. Below you'll find a preliminary list of educational resources including presentation materials, session audio, and selected video from the conference. This list will grow as we continue to release content, so check back often! All resources are available FREE of charge.

October 13, 2014
Presented by Lieutenant Brad Fortune, Plano Police Department, at WFX Dallas 2014

Martin Sinderman · September 29, 2014
There were times in the world of sacred spaces when the word “security” was more closely associated with issues surrounding the physical integrity of the church facility as much as anything else.

WFM Staff · April 09, 2014
New line of vertical platform wheelchair lifts available for indoor and outdoor use giving more options for customers.

Geoffrey Oldmixon · March 17, 2014
Everyone expects their church to be a safe place for children but that’s not something that can be taken for granted — safety has to be cultivated.