WFM Staff · January 14, 2016
What are Genesis 1 principles of stewardship in terms of energy efficiency? Employing biblical principals to reduce utility costs at church while maintaining excellence.

WFM Staff · November 25, 2015
The keys to proper coaching and empowerment

WFM Staff · August 14, 2015
INTERVIEW - WFX 2014 Keynote Presenter, Whitney George, Executive Pastor, Church on The Move, Tulsa, OK

WFM Staff · August 07, 2015
INTERVIEW: WFX 2015 Keynote Presenter: Ed Stetzer discusses how churches can change the current cultural expections and the movement towards passivity in churches today.

WFM Staff · May 12, 2015
Bailey Edward possesses extensive and diverse experience in faith-based design; including master planning, feasibility studies, historic preservation, renovations, interior design and LEED design.

WFM Staff · May 12, 2015
Ascension portable wheelchair lifts. Unobtrusive for center stage use. Quiet. Makes worship accessible for all. Safe. Easily moved by one person. Eliminates need for ramps.

WFM Staff · May 12, 2015
For 29 years, our mission has been to support churches by providing the highest quality seating and related church products at the very best prices and with trustworthy warranties.

WFM Staff · May 11, 2015
Hi-Tech specializes in multi-camera video production and streaming systems, used equipment trade-ins, installation, training, and more. Grow your church by reaching outside the confines of your physical structure. Stream your services, engage youth with mobile technology and reach an audience anywhere in the world.

WFM Staff · May 08, 2015
Architectural 3D Virtual Tours for church capital campaigns. Videos, campaign microsites, 360 panoramas. Campaign guide services.

WFM Staff · April 13, 2015
Steve Fridsma, Architect, Elevate Studio presents case studies of existing buildings converted to dynamic worship and community spaces.