WFM Staff · February 09, 2017
The partnership will result in expanded training at the REACH Conference and the debut of a new worship conference titled We Are Worship that will be co-located at WFX 2017 in Dallas, Texas.

By S. Craig Whisnand · September 27, 2016
Don’t you think it’s time to get rid of all the mystery that continues to surround our churches, their staffing and business practices?

M Wagner · September 21, 2016
Designed to educate beginner thru advanced in videotape techniques to capture live events.

By Steven Hall · September 02, 2016
When deciding on the right LED lights, color rendering and authenticity should be a primary concern.

Rachel Dawn Hayes · September 01, 2016
Event organizers hope attendees will make meaningful connections with a new WFX App and a designated area at the EXPO named The Spark.

By Gregory Kane · August 25, 2016
You need volunteers and you need them now. Learn to apply vision casting in storytelling to draw people into your ministry and mission.

By Jason Arcega · August 19, 2016
While technology in our church services continues to improve excellence in our outreach efforts, what may be a key to connecting with people is reaching them through their personal device.

By George Cladis · August 11, 2016
Churches and ministries create deep ruts carved into their organizational terrain that, over time, make it difficult to escape.

WFM Staff · August 09, 2016
In conjunction with the WFX show, the event provides the opportunity to evaluate more than two dozen loudspeaker systems.

WFM Staff · August 08, 2016
If your company has developed a new product for the church market or if you've completed a project for the church market, submit now for best pricing.

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